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We now walk the Secher Nbiw
and thou shalt be cast out upon the midden
5th-Aug-2012 06:45 pm - An anarchy of solitude and bliss
never give up the grail quest

To the God OAI
Be praise
In the end and the beginning!
And may none fall
Who Will attain
The Sword, the Balances, the Crown!

"Friends Only" posts from this point forward..
I don't friend back people I don't know so don't expect it unless you at least make an effort to introduce yourself

17th-Jan-2011 09:31 am(no subject)
never give up the grail quest

Not so long ago...not everyone was treated as equals, with respect, with human dignity..sometimes the cost is high, too high..but it's important to stand up for such things..reflect today on something that has become commonplace and common sense..and remember it wasn't always so
29th-May-2010 02:16 pm(no subject)
never give up the grail quest
I wish to congratulate William Blake Lodge on their 18th anniversary on June 2nd. Being a part of that body since nearly the beginning has brought me inexpressible pride. In my eyes (somewhat biased), they remain one of the brightest jewels in the Order. PH, KH, CP, CS, KAK, RK, SO-D, MB,B-Fly, BJ, FV, RMcC, and so many others..your Fraternity and Integrity continues to inspire and sustain me. Much love from your errant Brother, PFDV
7th-Apr-2010 11:29 pm - 20 years
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put a lamen on it
Advanced Initiator Training

Star Sapphire Lodge is delighted to announce that we will be hosting U.S. Grand Lodge Advanced Initiator Training on the weekend of December 5th - 6th, 2009!

Advanced Initiator Training is designed for Chartered Initiators who have already attended one or more Certified Initiator Trainings and seek to advance their knowledge, understanding and skills as an Initiator. All current Chartered Initiators are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. All Presenters are seasoned O.T.O. Initiators and are either Certified Initiator Trainers or SGIGs with years of education and experience in initiating in the Man of Earth Degrees.

Attendees must be Master Magicians in good standing with a minimum of one attendance of a Certified Initiator Training workshop. Our sister body, Golden Lotus Oasis, is offering Certified Initiator Training on October 24th and 25th; a perfect opportunity to prepare to qualify for the Advanced Training!

Registration for Advanced Initiation Training is available at:

Chartered Initiators will be given preference in terms of registration, but Master Magicians preparing to submit applications for a Charter to Initiate and who have attended Certified Initiator Training are welcome. All events will be held at:

Star Sapphire Lodge
3212 1/2 Honolulu Avenue
La Crescenta, CA 91214

For other info, please visit The Star Sapphire Lodge Website
10th-Jul-2009 12:58 pm - it's all part of the plan..
never give up the grail quest
soon I will be discontinuing my posting activity on LJ..my first step in becoming 'social network' free by the end of the year.

I will still be maintaining the Twin Peaks Community however, with an eye of passing it off to the co-moderator eventually.

Edit: I've since gotten several phone calls ..there's no spooky motive behind this decision. But I thank you for your concern. I will still have an email address, instant messenger, a phone, and will remain corporeal.
2nd-May-2009 04:41 pm - Another for one of my heroes....
punk fucker

now try to behave yourself while you're outside of society..
17th-Jan-2009 09:44 pm - David Lynch in HD (sorta)
In the year 2000, I broke down and purchased a DVD player for one purpose..to play the Twin Peaks Season 1 DVD's that had come out (my first DVD purchase).

Now, many years later, and because I work in the entertainment industry, I had to upgrade to Blu Ray.

Associates at work told me that regular DVD's are processed in a way to simulate the HD quality of Blu Ray. I was very skeptical until I put in one of the TP episodes from the Gold Box set. I could not believe my eyes at the detail.

I wonder how the CBS discs will compare to the Artisan set...
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